Ways To Make The House Comfortable And Stylish

When decorating a house it is difficult to find the right balance between functionality, coziness and style. Regardless of how much money we spend on decent furniture, the rooms are always missing something, and as a result they are not at all like the ideal apartments that we see in magazines.

Sometimes the situation can be solved with the help of small tricks, which take just a few minutes of your time and do not require any monetary costs. Read the following tips to find out how you can make your home more stylish and cozy with minimal effort.

Here are ways to make the house comfortable and stylish.


Rule  #1

Take care of the front door Do not forget the front door, even if you live in an apartment building, because it creates the first impression of your home. Take care of it the same way as for interior doors. Put a few pots of flowers, hang a seasonal wreath or decorations, upgrade your license plate or paint the door in a bright color.

Rule #2

Arrange items according to the rule of the “troika” As in many areas and disciplines, the rule of the “troika” is actively used in decoration and stylization. The trio of objects looks visually more attractive and more balanced, especially when it comes to dimensions, height and materials. Start small and decorate a small corner in your living room or desk. For example, put a vase with flowers, a basket with books and a clock. You will see how nice and comfortable this composition looks. But do not oversaturate the room with such decorative details, otherwise the effect will be read incorrectly.

Rule #3

Spread the carpets in several layers. Put a small thick carpet over a large, more neutral rug. This is also a great way to test how you feel about bold experiments in the interior, and this design move will make the room more cozy and stylish. Thanks to this advice, you can divide space into zones or make accents on the necessary places.

Rule #4

Arrange books in alternative ways. A vertical or slightly inclined stack of books is a canon for a classic interior. Alternative accommodation speaks for a bold and modern style. Try to alternate the shelves, placing the books either vertically or horizontally. Horizontal lines will break the pattern from the vertical lines and attract attention. You can lay out on the shelves with books additional items. Just make sure that the order of the arrangement is random, since the rigid scheme is very conspicuous.

Rule #5

Expose to the show things that have something to tell This tip is a bit more complicated than it sounds, because not everyone wants to show objects that are dear to the heart and realize that no one else but themselves is impressed by them. In order to attract people’s attention, your favorite things should stand out from the environment and immediately catch your eye. Do not forget that you do not need to cross the ocean in order to find an object worth telling to others. While you have an expensive memory associated with the thing, you can captivate this theme of your guest.

Rule #6

Do a cute thing from an old bottle. The next time you have a beautiful bottle of alcohol, milk or perfume, do not make it throw it away. Keep it and use it as a container for liquid soap or a vase. Alternatively, fill it with beads and tie a bow of twine. But first, soak the bottle in warm soapy water until all the labels are easily washed. The transparent vessel looks very stylish and futuristic.

Rule #7

Often wipe the dust. Nothing so kills the style, like dust. Maybe you cleaned up only yesterday, but the dust will quickly find its way back. Look closely and find the surfaces on which it is most noticeable in daylight, and be sure to wipe these places between “general cleaning”. Thus, you can enjoy the clean air and not worry when unexpected guests come.

Spend time and turn your house not only into a stylish, but also the most favorite place on Earth!

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