Vintage Furniture And Decor With A Touch Of Retro

We like retro objects, but the prices in shops do not please at all? Learn how to make vintage yourself – update the furniture or create an elegant decor. And we will teach you how easy it is to do it vintage furniture and decor.

So, we begin.

1. Cabinet with French windows.

Is there an old shabby locker with glass inserts on the doors? Before sending it to the dacha, remember that such things are especially appreciated by fans of vintage. Update it in just a few minutes – with the help of elegant appliqués from the fabric.

To make such a closet is easy. The most difficult thing here is to choose the fabric in the right style. You can choose a plain material, floral patterns or, as an author, a pastoral scene in the style of “jui”.

Measure out pieces of cloth along the width of the window, and then glue them to a double-sided scotch. Everything, your handmade locker in vintage style is ready!

2. Elegant retro stool.

This piece of furniture is in almost every house. The stool is pretty worn out, but still fit for sitting? Great! For a vintage item, this is an excellent base.

First of all, grind the wood, and then cover it with a dark gray primer. When dry, apply a second layer – white. After drying, carefully rub it with sandpaper until gray begins to appear.

Then make a seat of foam rubber and suitable fabric, fasten it and get elegant furniture with retro notes.

3. Chest of drawers with patina.

Is there an old wooden chest of drawers? Excellent! Even if his condition leaves much to be desired, or does not suit color – it does not matter. On the contrary, it is a chance to turn it into an elegant vintage furniture – much cheaper than in salons. A couple of simple steps, and this chest will be your favorite.

Sand the surface of the dresser with sandpaper, then apply a blue acrylic paint (pink, but muffled) and wait until it dries. Rub some areas with a sponge so that the paint appears unevenly applied, sand with sandpaper to show through the wood.

It remains to screw the handles (by the way, they do not necessarily have to be the same) – and admire the exclusive handicrafts.

More on how to make a chest of drawers with patina with your own hands, look in our selection of master classes on this topic.

4. Wardrobe with vintage draperies.

The old wardrobe with glass doors can also be turned into retro furniture. You need a cut of cotton with a floral or checkered pattern, the length of the fabric is equal to the height of the doors, the width is about 4 times the width of the glass insert on 1 door.

Cut the fabric into 2 pieces, tuck the edges from the top and bottom, and then sew, leaving a place to pass the line. Pass inside the fishing line (or elastic), make a drapery (pick up about one to two). Repeat this with the bottom. Make a loop on each free edge of the line.

Remove the glass. On the back of the door, attach the furniture studs (4 on each door) so that the hat protrudes slightly. Wear ready draperies, clinging eyebrows for carnations.

5. Vase in a knitted cover.

If you know how to knit, you can easily make such a pretty decor for an ordinary glass vase. If not – sew a knitted cover from an old fishnet jumper, you can even child. It looks especially impressive if the product is made of cotton.

For one vase you only need one sleeve (the second one can be used for another vase, including – painting it in a different color). If there are cuffs, it must be cut off, trying not to dissolve the sleeve itself.

Cut the sleeve a little longer than the height of the vase, remove all the cut threads and process the upper edge so that the fabric does not bloom. From the remainder of the sleeves, loosen the threads and twist about ten of the flagella with the nodule at the end. Sew the ready flagella to the top edge of the cover and put the cover on the vase.

If you want to enhance retro charm, find a white cardigan and color the finished cover with tea, coffee or cocoa. It will be a delightful, truly vintage shade – “ecru” or “ash pink”.

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