Modern Shoe Cabinet Models

Organization of the interior space of the apartment is impossible without the presence of necessary furniture in it. It is thanks to these objects of the interior that a harmonious and correct arrangement of things takes shape, each of which has its place and purpose. The function of storing and arranging boots, shoes is performed by a shoe cabinet in the hallway, often representing a universal chest of drawers or a real designer piece of furniture.

A chest of drawers for shoes is often purchased already when the repair is completed, when the main furniture for the corridor was bought. Many households, having lived for some time in the apartment, stumbling over the chaotically placed shoes in the entrance area, feel the need to purchase a stand that could systematize the outdoor items of the wardrobe.

To buy this or that shoe furniture, it is necessary to be defined, with what purpose and what exactly there will be stored. Many people want to combine in one subject and chest of shoes, and a box for storing headgear and trifles, and a stand with a seat. Today in the market of furniture offers there is a wide variety of pedestals for shoes in the hallway, which differ in size, material, design features, color scheme.

An important point is the choice of the dimensions of the shoe, which would match the parameters to the hallway and where it will be placed. In addition, the number of people should be taken into account. For a large family you need a roomy chest of drawers, for a small one – a narrow pedestal for seasonal shoes in the hallway. But despite the size of the family, the corridor itself can be quite small, because it will be impossible to place the furniture. In this situation, the purchase of a high and roomy cabinet, which has a built-in box for shoes, will help. If the area allows, you can choose a chest of drawers with small dimensions and a soft seat for re-training.


By its design, furniture for storing footwear is divided into several types:

Open Type Shoe Cabinet

An outdoor stand for shoes is the most popular kind for this segment of furniture. The main advantage of this type is the ventilation system, where the shoes, while not in a closed space, can be constantly ventilated and quickly dry, thereby minimizing the presence of an unpleasant odor, as well as the formation of fungus. In turn, the drawback of this form is the accumulation of dust on the shoes, which for many is the decisive factor to refuse to buy pedestals for shoes of an open type in the hallway.

Closed Shoe Cabinet

A closed shoe box can have a cabinet design with shelves or drawers with doors. In this constructive form, shoe-makers with a seat are popular, which replaces the ottoman or stool for comfortable dressing. This box perfectly protects the shoes from dust, but also the closed container does not allow to dry well and get rid of the smell. Although modern models of the closed type are equipped with built-in ventilation systems, which makes such furniture popular and more expensive for the price.


Recently, the shoe stands in the form of “slim” have become relevant. They are tall, narrow or elongated pieces of furniture that are best suited for small hallways. The width of such cabinets is not more than 20 cm. The design is a box with folding shelves opening at an angle of 30 to 90 degrees. With a smaller opening angle, there is more room for shoe placement, which in turn can only be placed vertically. This and the minus of this type, because the original form of shoes is lost, especially for long boots and suede shoes. Among the shortcomings is the instability of the structure that is not attached to the wall and the absence of compartments for shoe care products.

Remember, the presence of even a simple shoe cabinet makes the entrance hall a cozy room, a comfortable area in which everything is harmoniously systematized and ordered.

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