Modern Carpet Decorating Ideas At Home

For many years people have used carpets to decorate and warm their homes. But if earlier only woolen or silk carpet was afforded by wealthy people, at present the assortment of carpets is so great that it can satisfy the buyer not only with any purse size, but also with various stylistic, color and textured preferences. Modern carpet decorating has increased considerably.

Carpets For The Dining Room

It is obvious that any space in which the carpet is laid becomes immediately warmer and more comfortable, the interior is transformed depending on the chosen design of the cover. But in addition to its aesthetic properties, the carpet can also perform other functions.
– To serve as a means for soundproofing.
– zoning the room, creating interior accents.
– what can be more pleasant than stepping on the warm pile of the carpet with bare feet, instead of stamping on the cold floor?

Thus, modern carpet decorating are becoming functional for the dining room.

Soft Covering For Nursery

Typically, the carpet is selected in the already finished room. It happens that the design of the carpet is so unique and original that the entire interior is created in accordance with this focal center of the room.Choose a carpet, based on cost and performance

On the underside of any carpet is a marking from which you can learn not only about the composition of the pile, its characteristics, but also the substrate material and the properties of the entire coating:
The most democratic at the price and the most popular in terms of sales are the flooring of propylene carpets. Unfortunately, at a low cost of such coatings, the benefits end. The drawbacks include high electrification of the coating, poor tolerance of moisture and direct sunlight. Among other things, such carpets soak up the dust very much and are not cleaned properly with a conventional vacuum cleaner. In polypropylene carpets the service life is not long – from two to five years;
Carpets made of strong nylon are somewhat more expensive – the loins of these products are fastened to a synthetic base with the help of a special latex composition. This substance adds to the coating strength and elasticity;
coatings on a knitted basis are the following in the price category. The method of manufacturing such products involves simultaneous weaving of the pile and the base, which increases the strength and flexibility of the finished carpet. Such carpeting will last about ten years;
the most expensive, but at the same quality – carpets made of wool. In addition to its eco-friendliness, carpeting can boast high fire-resistance properties and a very long service life – some products can last more than fifty years.

Pastel Colors For Carpet

Typically, the coloring of the carpet from the wool is carried out in a light, pastel palette. This is due to the fact that woolen products are painted much worse than synthetic ones. In addition, carpets made of wool very much accumulate dust, poorly tolerate the effects of moths and mold. To reduce the negative properties of the product from natural material, use antistatic, anti-mildew and dirt repellent compounds.
It is considered effective to mix wool with synthetics in the ratio of 80% to 20%, such an alliance helps to preserve the natural properties of natural material with increasing wear resistance and simplifying care.

Motley Carpet Print

One of the first solutions of the carpeting for the bedroom, which usually comes to mind is a light product with a long nap that will not only create a warm and cozy atmosphere for the sleeping and resting room, but also perfectly muffle the steps, will create sufficient sound insulation.
A carpet of light shade or with a diagonal pattern is able to visually expand the space of the bedroom. You can use both a large carpet with a long nap throughout the room, and small fluffy bedside mats.
Carpeting with a long pile of chocolate shade, occupying the entire bedroom area, not only provides warmth to your feet, but also creates a unique interior design. Among other things, in combination with light walls and ceiling, such floors visually expand the space in height. As a rule, in the bedrooms carpets are placed in the sleeping area so that when you get out of bed at any place, bare feet step on a warm and pleasant rug, and not on a bare, cold floor.
A carpet with a motley pattern will look organically in the bedroom, with the design of which used mostly monochrome types of decoration materials.

You can also use the following visual examples for modern carpet decorating.

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