Modern Bathroom Sinks

Today, the plumbing market offers a wide range of washbasins for the bathroom. They demonstrate to the buyer an infinite number of different configuration options and an extravaganza of style. This abundance makes it possible to find a worthy specimen for modern bathroom sinks.

Constructive Differences of Bathroom Sinks

Depending on the method of attachment today, there are four main types of modern bathroom sinks:


This model is designed to be installed on the surface of the countertop, with a ledge over it more than 10 cm. It seems that the sink is a stand-alone object. At the same time, it has a sufficiently strong factory fixing. There is no opening for the mixer on it. As a rule, in this case a high model of the crane is selected and mounted on the countertop. The height of the table top, for convenience’s sake, should not exceed 85 cm.


A sink for a bathroom of this type cuts into the countertop. There are two options: inserting from below or from above. In the first case, the plumbing is level with the surface of the furniture. This is quite convenient when removing spattered water from it. To increase the strength and practicality of the construction, we use g-shaped fasteners. In the second method, the shell protrudes 1-3 cm above the countertop. When using a plumbing fixture, the mixer can be installed both on the countertop and on the sink.


As a rule, such models come complete with bathroom furniture. They can be installed on a separate tabletop, but are most often mounted on a special stand or a cube that is exactly suitable for its size.


To install cantilever shells, there is no need for a curbstone or countertop. They are hung on the wall by using a bracket or special fasteners. Often, pedestals or semi-pedestals are used for their installation, the main function of which is to conceal sewage systems. Among the models of this type today there are shells with wide wings, imitating a table top.

This is only the basic classification of bathtub sinks. There are many subspecies. Each separate model of the bathtub sink performs not only its basic function. Depending on the purpose today distinguish:

Sinks for washing machines. This type will allow you to install a washing machine directly under the sanitary equipment.

Sinks for furniture. These models are included in the furniture set. They are distinguished by high functionality and unity of style.

Overhead sinks on the table top – an option for the beautiful half of humanity. A spacious surface allows you to place a huge number of accessories and cosmetics.

Angle shells – another option that allows you to rationally use a small area of ​​the bathroom.

Mini sinks. Most often they are installed in the “guest” rooms. They look compact and elegant, do not require much space.

Double sinks. Ideal for large families and luxuriously look in the spacious bathrooms.

These ideas, will help you design the most modern bathroom sinks for your home.


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