What is Miyuki Bead Art and How is doing?

Since Miyuki bead art raw material is only available in Hiroshima region, it became a Japanese jewelry item. Due to the Japanese mastery in technology, these stones and beads, whose raw material is of glass slag style, have identical colors and features with each other, and a certain standard of miyuki bead art in size has attracted the attention of the craftsmen. Very small size, color and stone structure is identical to each other makes miyuki products valuable. Miyuki beads, which are counted from sand bead class, are actually all of the same size of stones as small as sand grains. Miyuki stone and miyuki beaded designs are designs that require patience.

Jewelry design, young – old, male – female is a hobby art that everyone is interested in pleasure. In Miyuki, the right choice of material and color results in highly professional results. It is now very easy to access information through social media and learn how is done, but one should not forget that patience enters into the business when it comes to miyuki.

How should to start?

Miyuki hand labor is an indispensable material of jewelry. Now you can see miyuki jewelry in many different regions of the world. The simplest and easiest design can be started by making a miyuki bracelet. Today, although we see that miyuki stones are used to make wristbands, anklets and pendants, ornaments, even also portraits and paintings have been started.

What is The Miyuki Techniques?

Many knitting techniques can be used to make ornamental materials with Miyuki. Right angle knitting technique, peyote knitting technique, square knitting technique, herringbone knitting technique are some of them.

Designs of  jewelry can be made by using with rope and leather and other materials.

Only the jewelery made with miyuki beads is so dazzling that it looks like a silver or gold jewel from a distance.

You can do your own miyuki style yourself by conducting a small-scale research in the light of this preliminary information and the following visuals, and you can open doors of make a profit for yourself by specializing in time. Good luck.

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