Home textile ideas in decoration

Home textile is the general name given to all kinds of textile products used in home decoration. Home textile includes products such as curtains, bedclothes, bed sheets, bed linen sets, armchairs, floor coverings, towels, bathrobes, bathroom products, carpets and rugs, tablecloths and so on. Houses are the places where the most time is spent in human life so the choice of home materials and textiles directly affects our quality of life. There is no part where the textile does not enter from the kitchens or bedrooms to the baths and living rooms in our homes. Technological developments provide significant improvements in home textile ideas as well as in all areas of our lives. For example, hollow fibers with excellent insulation properties are often used for beds and sleeping bags. Thus, lighter, healthier and more comfortable home textile products are produced. Another type of fiber that has been newly developed has been started to prefer instead of foam in the furniture due to fire and health problems. Therefore, flammable and non-carcinogenic sofa sets and furniture have been manufacturing.

Modern saloon textile ideas

The home textiles used in the living room consist of food tables, service covers, armchair and chair covers, seat shawls, coffee table covers, decorative covers and curtains. Preferences in the living areas also affect the choice of textiles in the saloon. In parallel to this, saloon textiles are presented to the usage with diversity in terms of materials and production techniques. The sizes and models of the modern saloon textile vary according to the characteristics of the decoration material. In general, use of rectangular, square and oval shapes is common. Seat and chair covers are prepared in accordance with the model of furniture.

Useful Kitchen textile ideas

The home textiles used in the kitchen section of the houses are produced and sold under the name of kitchen sets on the market. In addition to large pieces such as kitchen curtains and carpets, small textile products such as kitchen towels, drying cloths, drawers, kitchen utensils and oven gloves are included in your kitchen decor with cheerful designs and practical usability. You can also determine the colors of useful kitchen textile according to your decoration.

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