Make The Candles The Best Piece Of Home Decor

Candles are often used in home decor. They can change the air of a room with scent or odorless candlestick or on their own. Making your candles more decorative and personalizing is easier than you think. While formerly was used for lighting, but nowadays only uses for decoration. They are also still indispensable pieces of decorations. The reason why they are indispensable is that they are colorful and adapt to every decor.

Do not use your glass vases on one side. You can make a stylish candle holder with only water, flowers and colored stones. You can add flower’s smell or fruit essences in water. If you prefer to use the essence, adding some pure alcohol will allow the scent to be better distributed to the air. You can use fresh fruits, tree branches and leaves to color your vase.

Connect the wire or a rope to the jar’s mouth to hang your jar. You can stick the colored beads on the outside of the jar, spray them into the gloss sim by squeezing the spray into it. Decorate your candles as you wish, you can be sure its to turn into a perfect lighthouse!
You can combine the candles that have been used for a long time and are almost over. You can make a pleasant appearance by putting flowers or coffee beans inside the candles you melt. And then all you have to do is place the floss of candle in the liquid and wait for it to dry.

The remaining of us from the summer holidays is usually beautiful memories and sea shells collected during long walks on the beach. You can make pretty decorative candle holders by using the sea shells. You can fill the shells in a jar and put a candle on it.
In order to get this elegant candle holder, it’s enough to turn reverse a glass over besides the a small flower. By the way, don’t forget putting the sea shells into the jar. The sea shells will give it amazing look the decore of candle. Thus you will catch an authentic environment. Now start for try in the light of clues. Good luck.

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