Glasswork Art And Glass Ornaments

Many of the products we see in our surroundings are made of glass. Would not you like to know which glass art is made with technique? Glass is a transparent or translucent material originally liquid. It has been used in the making of many shots since ancient times with its hard and fragile shape. The main material of the glass is the silica which is mostly in sand. For this reason, the main substance of glass is known as sand. Other materials are soda and lime.

There are two different glass types, man-made and natural. The man-made glass is a kind of glass considered to be semi-precious stone, with the glass being known to all of us, which comes on top of nature through spraying from natural glass volcanoes.

The art of glass processing is handled in two ways; Processing the shape of the glass, painting and patterning on the glassware. The shaping of the glass is an unusual and magical art form. With this art based on shaping melted glass with the help of special tools, many kinds of products can be produced for use purpose, ornament and decoration purposes.

Molding technique is the oldest technique used in this field. The pre-prepared mold spilled glass is separated from the mold after the frost. The other technique is the blowing technique. Melt and liquid glass; It is blown with the hollow pipe called pipe and it is formed with the desired shape. In this way, besides many decorative glass ornaments products, use products such as glasses, vases, pitchers can be produced.

The art of glass painting in the form of dyeing and patterning on glass ornaments is called stained glass. The original of the stained glass is actually the creation of the pattern by joining broken glass. However, besides this method which is very difficult, designing by painting and contouring with special glass paints on ready-made glass is a more frequently used method.

To get an idea of the art of glass, it will be enough to examine our gallery below. You can make your home and workplace much more stylish, made of glass ornaments. Here are some examples for you.

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