What Are The Decorative Ceiling Lights Fixtures?

Ceiling lights have several important functions. First of all, they are certainly able to complement any interior, and also help to change the slope of the light beam and ensure its distribution in the room.

A plafond for fixtures is a functional element of the general design of a chandelier, which is used as a diffuser. The plafond closes the light bulb, ensures a uniform passage and dispersion of the light flux, and also protects the human eye from direct exposure to light.

There are many different types of lighting fixtures, depending on which the brightness of the light and the direction of the light flux will change. The more open the shape of the plafond, the brighter the light beam will be.

When choosing, it should be taken into account that if the open part of the plafond is directed upwards, the illumination will be more extensive, and if the open part is directed straight down, then it will be possible to create point-directed directional lighting.

Manufacturers today offer many varieties of materials for the production of plafonds: glass, plastic, polycarbonate, metal, wood and even paper. In addition, it is worth remembering that in the modern market you can buy plafonds separately from the chandelier frame. They can both fully approach the models, and serve as backup in case of failure of those that have already been included, and create a completely new design.
The selection of the correct plafond material also allows the use of different types of light bulbs, whether diode, halogen or devices having the highest degree of heating – incandescent lamps.
Plafonds have two main functions:
Protective. They protect the lighting fixtures from dust, damage. And they protect a person from bright light, which can adversely affect the eyes.
Decorative. The general appearance of the chandelier, the wall sconce or the luminaire for stretch ceilings depends on the shape, color and style of the plafonds. Replacement of plafonds can completely change the stylistic solution of both the luminaire and the room as a whole.


All existing plafonds can be divided into species according to several characteristics.
According to the design,
Intermediate version – semi-closed ceiling.

From the design will determine the brightness of the light flux and the degree of its dispersion. The closer the lamp is to the bubble, the more diffuse light is produced at the output, the more open options provide a brighter directional light. The open surface of the ceiling can be directed both to the ceiling, which will provide coverage of the widest possible area of ​​the room, and sideways and downwards, which will allow for a more pointwise direction of the light.

The choice of design will be ensured, first of all, by the purpose of the luminaire. So, for example, closed models will be an excellent solution for a rest room, but for a dining room and a kitchen it is better to select open designs.

By the number of plafonds there can be chandeliers for one plafond and for several, depending on this, the brightness of the light flux will also be adjusted and the appearance of the chandelier will change.


In addition, the ceiling can differ in shape.
There are several most common forms:
Form of cone or truncated cone;
Also popular are models with flower-shaped shades. By the number of plafonds there can be chandeliers for one plafond and for several, depending on this, the brightness of the light flux will also be adjusted and the appearance of the chandelier will change. In addition, the ceiling can differ in shape.

By appointment and placement are:
Ceiling, which usually have several horns with lamps, on which the plafonds of various shapes are installed;
Wall, or sconce;
Table lamps.

In a row of ceiling lights models, nothing can compare with the popularity of an eight-bulb lamp, it is usually used for large rooms where a sufficiently large amount of light is needed. In addition, ceiling lights can have suspended structures. Such models are perfectly suited for lighting in rooms in Japanese style or loft style, when the lamps have the form of a plafond with a lamp hanging on the decorative wire from the ceiling.

As ceiling models, remote lights are used. This type of light element is built into the ceiling and used to illuminate the premises for various purposes. Among such built-in models can be both stationary and rotary versions. Using light bulbs in the ceiling models will help to achieve the most comfortable environment in the apartment. In addition, this type of luminaires can be equipped with a diode with a motion sensor, which will contribute to energy savings.

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