Decoration Ideas For a Good Living Room

Living Room is a space where you’re supposed to feel relax after a tiring day. As well as being comfortable, it should be appealing to the eye as well. Because salon is where you welcome your guests and spend most of your time in your house. Therefore it should have a design that will draw every viewer’s attention. It is possible to show your salon bigger or smaller than it actually is. It’s all about how you design and organize it, like using art, coffee tables, small sculptures etc. Lighting is also very important. Keeping curtains and shades light is an essential point for a more fresh and motivating atmosphere. Also hanging curtains high creates a more bright look. Big scale always brings a comfortable atmosphere. For this reason, scale is an important factor for a perfect salon. If you have a small salon, you shouldn’t have big couch and many accessories that will tighten up the space visually. In addition to this, double-duty furniture will be perfect for owners. Less space and more function. If your living room looks empty, then you might have to fill the walls a little bit. Decorating the walls with art is always a good idea.


Colours and Patterns for Living Room

You can use all your creativity while decorating your salon. For small salons, neutral colours are the best. Walls, floors and ceiling should be similar colours. White, beige and grey colours are perfect choice. on the other hand, it is better to use a dramatic colours for bigger rooms. İf you are interested in vintage style, wooden furnitures and leather couch makes a great combine. You can also prefer nostalgic accessories. Floral wallpapers will be a good choice for those who loves warm and colorful atmosphere. Whatever your budget, you can create a stylish living room if you follow the right steps.


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