Country Style Home Decorating

It is not necessary to live in a village to have a country house. By following our ideas, you can create your own country heaven. There are two important ideas on country style; comfort and beauty. Wooden is the main element of country style home decorating. Tables, kitchen, doors, floors and many other parts of country houses are made from wooden. Farmhouse furnitures are usually weathered and old. However, they provide great durability and charming look. In country style houses, classic and comfortable furnishings are used. Slipcovered and ladderback chairs were popular. Also for bedsteads, iron and wood were being used. Every piece chosen should be warm and give a welcoming atmosphere. In a country house, there should be a simplicity, warm and not busy look. Even by looking at it, one should be cheerful and feel the comfort.


Ideas for Farmhouse Decorating

Who doesn’t love rustic style decoration? It is simple, relaxing and beautiful. Warm and cheerful colours are used in country style home decorating like green, straw yellow, wooden brown and barn red. And most importantly, its possible to see weathered wooden pattern everywhere. You should avoid the outdated combinations. You can make the look more fresh by lighten up it with white and creamy colours. Simple is the word that describes country style. In country style home decorating, accessories are always uncomplicated and simple. On windows, lacy curtains are used. On kitchen or coffee table, there is always wild flowers in a pitcher, an old mirror on the hall wall, and a folk art hanging on the wall. Everything has distressed finishes and used for many years. Blemished woods are what makes country style more charming. Handwoven and handmade textiles are often used in bedrooms. Traditional patchwork can make an eye catching addition t this style. Rag rugs and blankets should reflect simplicity and comfort with warm colours.

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