How to Combine Shelf Decoration Ideas according to Rooms?

You can make wonders at home via shelf decoration ideas with low cost and easy applications. It is possible to practice shelf decoration ideas from the kitchen to the bathroom, from living room to study room and for corridor. Shelves are practical for commonly used items in the kitchens can also be shaded into stylish units in the saloons. They create stylish storage areas for accessories and contribute to home decoration at the same time. Do you want to gain inspiration about shelf decoration ideas? Let’s look together how are shelves decorated in the rooms.


How to Combine Shelf Decoration in the Kitchen?

The kitchens are the rooms with the most traffic in the house. The most needed characteristic in the kitchens where the movement never ends is to be practical. For this reason, you can put the good use the most used items in open shelf storage units. For example, oft-used dishes, bowls, glasses. You can apply shelves with appropriate sizes in your wall spaces. It is a great way to welcome the opportunity for your kitchen accessories in open shelf systems. You can catch a different ambience in your kitchen by displaying different bottles, jam jars or tin cans in open shelf storage systems.


How to Combine Shelf Decoration in the Bathroom?  

Cosmetics, shampoos, towels, soaps … The bathrooms never protest against to extra storage areas. Generally, around of the washing machine or sink is filled with trivial things and causes unappealing lookout. The most important rule of a stylish decoration is to be regular. You can build storage areas with hidden and connected shelves to your bathroom walls. Also, a tiny vase or candles is a very good idea for open shelves in your bathroom.

How to Combine Shelf Decoration in the Saloon?  

If you do not want to use ready-made television units, it is possible to make your own design using shelf decoration in the saloon. You can make actual a unique television unit by using shelves around the wall-hung television. Also the shelves upper the cabinet will give a furniture appearance. Using niche areas of your saloon with shelves is also a smart decoration suggestion. On the other hand, you can create a wonderful space by shelves upper the console. The accessories and frames that take place on the shelves will provide an inspirational and warm atmosphere in the saloon.

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