How To Choose Garden Furniture?

The right choice of garden furniture is not so simple. It is necessary to take into account many different factors.

Is it stable?

Will it bloom under the sun?

How do you tolerate temperature changes typical of the Russian climate?

Does not the rain dry out?

Nuances of weight. Let’s look at the basic criteria for choosing garden furniture so that your new acquisition will serve for a long time with faith and truth.

Design of garden furniture

Garden furniture is always in sight and should be combined with the style of the countryside. For example, if the country house is built of lumber or lining, it is appropriate to buy wooden furniture for the garden. Is the budget small? Nothing wrong! You can buy plastic furniture “disguised” as a tree (imitation). From a distance and you will not distinguish, natural furniture from a tree at your dacha or plastic. There are very beautiful plastic kits imitating expensive furniture from oak, beech, pine and even from wenge and mahogany.

If the facade of the house is decorated with masonry, you can buy furniture from stone, natural or artificial. Furniture made of artificial stone looks no worse than furniture made from natural stone, but its service life is much lower.

The house, trimmed with decorative siding, is combined with plastic or wicker furniture of the appropriate color. Although, of course, options are possible. Nobody canceled the fantasy and original ideas))

Material: What Garden Furniture is Made Of

From whatever material the country furniture is made, it has both positive and negative properties, and when choosing it, it is desirable to rely on the laws of physics and own common sense.


Purchase of plastic furniture for a summer residence – the most budgetary variant. Furniture made of plastic is compact, light and beautiful. It is convenient to carry from place to place, and you can wash directly from the hose. Has dried up – and the order! It glitters again, like new. You can pick up chic plastic furniture, imitating a tree, a vine, a stone and even … antiques. In pursuit of the buyer, producers sometimes offer such options of plastic furniture that you simply marvel! Just keep in mind that plastic furniture quickly burns out in the sun, is covered with scratches during operation and needs shelter for the winter (you can simply bring it into the house for the winter period).


Wooden furniture for a summer residence – the perfect decision for fans of all natural and natural! It is durable, environmentally friendly and quite resistant to the vagaries of nature. But here you should pay attention to the quality of wood, protective coating and accessories. In the production of garden furniture made of wood, it is treated with special antiseptic agents, protecting the tree from decay, and covered with weatherproof varnishes and paints. The most durable wooden furniture is made of teak and an array of coniferous wood. But it also needs regular updating – tinting or varnishing.

Wooden furniture for the garden can be both stationary and mobile. The mobile version is preferable, since such furniture can easily be transferred to shelter during prolonged rains and for the winter. Wood is often combined with metal, plastic, high-strength triplex glass and other materials.


Metal (forged) furniture for the garden is universal and fits in almost any design. It is stable, not subject to deformation and does not lose its appearance for a long time due to a special anti-corrosion coating. Only take into account: due to their own weight, the legs of the metal tables, chairs and benches go deep into the loose ground, so it is advisable to use asphalt or paved areas to arrange metal furniture in the dacha.

But in the heat the metal is very hot (you can not sit on a chair in a swimsuit – you need something to lay it), and in cold weather and the seats are cold. Therefore, it is better to choose dining sets with chairs that have a soft removable cover. In the rain, coatings can be removed and put into shelter or covered with waterproof material.

Resilience Of Country Tents And Umbrellas

How to choose a suitable umbrella or a tent for giving, so that the structure does not collapse from a strong wind? When buying, pay attention to the weight of the product – the heavier the umbrella or the tent, the more stable it is. For example, a tent for dacha on a steel base is much more stable than on an aluminum or wooden one.

The most stable country umbrellas have steel or aluminum spokes and a mass of 20 kg. Umbrellas with wooden or plastic knitting needles are less stable and require additional fastening. If the umbrella is large, then the sail is big, so you will need additional fasteners. Also you need to pay attention to how strong the wind is on your site, in order to stabilize the structure as much as possible.

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