A Short Causerie About Ceramic Art

   Ceramic; It is the science and technology about  shape the compositions formed by all inorganic materials other than metal and metal alloys, and cook them until they become durable. Ceramic terminology from the first ceramic productions to today; It spreads over a wide area due to the variety of production purposes and production methods, and takes place in the fields of handicrafts, art, science and technology. The art of ceramics continues to develop with its production methods, production purposes and the culture they carry, from its first production that started in prehistoric times to today. In this development process, it has universal and local features in its structure.

  Ceramic art can be grouped as pottery, tiling, brick and tile production. Pottery; production of potter’s wheel, simple workbench or hand-shaped containers, tiling; ceramic under-glaze, over-glaze decor applications, brick and tile, shown in decorative items and wall tiles of traditional motifs; It refers to building materials shaped by molds by hand.

  Ceramic Art – When creating their civilization, human beings first used water, then soil, and then fire. Ceramics is an 8000 year old tradition born from Anatolian soil. Ceramics has emerged in different forms, in different civilizations throughout history, as ancient as the history of mankind. Sometimes it appeared as a bowl, sometimes as a decoration or as a toy. Ceramics became an important tool that shed light on history by carrying the traces of different cultures. If someone looks at the starting point of ceramics, he sees that ceramic has never been ignored anywhere in human history. He has always appeared with his artistic character and respect for nature. When we look at the ancient civilizations of today, we see that ceramics are used in a large area from religious idols to architectural elements, from kitchenware and decorative items to communication tablets. Seramik shed light on the social and cultural development of civilization.

  And in the end it entered our lives  in every field. The ceramic now is using as active all the world. So from the ornament stuff until to stones of bathroom in almost  everythink. Morever they are even used in cooking sets. For instance in pots, pans and even hearthstone. Both  healty and very usefull compared to other materials. In ancient times, it was used very actively in water bowl and vase making.

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